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Viva la revolucion?

Posted on 2006.07.13 at 14:48
Current Mood: distresseddistressed
I wouldn't have thought it was possible, but Namibia is absolutely crawling with revolutionaries. Even more so than France! The first thing they have decided we have to do is actually Capture A Flag! Can you imagine? I'm sure they're referring to the Namibian flag, which of course I hold no loyalty to. The Namibian aristocracy, however, are our brothers and sisters. Younger, dumber, socially awkward brothers and sisters, of course, but still our siblings. I might not be able to stop them, but I won't help a bunch of jealous peasants to overthrow the beauty and privilege of the aristocracy.

And not a SINGLE person here has yet demonstrated a good fashion sense. The gentlemen don't wear waistcoats, the ladies are wearing TROUSERS...I mean, what sort of people are these?


These things are charming!

Posted on 2006.06.18 at 18:00
Current Location: In my room, admiring my pretty new pink dress
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
A 'quiz' from my new friends Willow and MargeCollapse )


My First Entry (How exciting!)

Posted on 2006.06.18 at 15:11
Current Location: The Château de Chagny
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Think of Me
Bonjour! I am the Vicomtess Christine de Chagny, formerly known as Christine Daaé. I'm very excited about being on this show. It's not that I need the money (I married into the aristocracy, the de Chagny's are absolutely rich.) I do need a bit of a break, though. You see, I wasn't raised in the aristocracy. I'm actually from Sweden, not France. My mother died when I was six, and my father died when I was 10. I was brought to the Opera Populaire in France by my fathers friend, Madame Giry. I was what we fondly refer to as a "ballet rat", a youngster trained by Madame Giry in ballet to perform in the numerous operas produced at the Opera Populaire.

I eventually (through a series of tragic circumstances, I'm afraid) made my way to being the lead Diva for a few operas. It requires quite a lot of talent and hard work, actually, but my new "peers" certainly don't think so. They think Raoul married far, far beneath his station and treat me horribly. To be honest, the stress of this class transition has impacted my health, and our family physician suggested that I escape for a while. So I've decided to be on this show! Raoul approves, but that may be because the darling is really quite incapable of saying no to me. He's always afraid the Phantom is going to return to kidnap me, but I've been assured by the producers that the set of Living in Sin is quite safe. Well, I should go check to see if the servants have finished my packing. Eleven trunks may seem like quite a lot, but ballgowns take up so much room!